PhD Students



Frida Vermina Lundström

Frida studied Fire Safety Engineering at Lund University (Sweden) where she graduated in 2013. Her current PhD studies at Lund University/Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology concern fire behaviour of building products; more specifically Frida focuses on the early stages of fire growth for non-movable installations.


Blanca Andres Valiente

Blanca is originally from Spain. She studied Civil Engineering in the Polytechnic University of Valencia where she specialized on civil constructions and ground engineering. Since January 2013 she has been enrolled as an industrial PhD student at Lund University and the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology.

The main focus of her studies is the fire behaviour of building barriers used in building constructions as separating elements. Among others her research interests are thermal and mechanical modelling of materials at elevated temperatures, the effect of different fire exposures in thermal and mechanical properties of materials, and the scalability in resistance to fire testing.


Kārlis Livkišs

Karlis is Latvian. He holds M.Sc. degree in fire safety technology from educational program International Masters of Science in Fire Safety Engineering (IMFSE) and B.Eng. degree in Civil Engineering from Rigas Technical University. Karlis reseach interests are material degradation in high temperatures, heat transfer modelling and material interactions during fire event.

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Abhishek Bhargava

Abhishek Bhargava joined the R&D department at DBI in the year 2013. Prior to this he was working at TU Bergakadamie Freiberg, Germany. He holds a master’s degree in Material Science Engineering from Université Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier, France and a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi India.


Konrad Wilkens

Konrad is originally from Australia. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Product design engineering (mechanical engineering + industrial design) and a Master’s degree in Fire Safety Engineering. Before moving to Scandinavia for this PhD position, Konrad worked professionally as a Fire engineering consultant in Brisbane, Australia.

Since January 2013 Konrad has been enrolled as an industrial PhD student at Lund University in cooperation with the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology, under the Marie Curie fellowship program sponsored by the European Commission.

The main focus of Konrad’s studies is on the fire behaviour of building content (e.g. Upholstered furniture). Within this area, Konrad’s main focus/interests include: fire behaviour and modelling of polyurethane foam (associated with upholstered furniture), and smoke production.


Supervisors & Managers

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Fanny Guay

Fanny Guay is a graduate in Political Sciences and International Relations from the University du Québec à Montréal in Canada. During her career, she worked with peacekeeping, capacity development, project management, IT, training and resilience. She joined the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology in 2012 as Project Manager for the Research and Development department. She currently manages three EU funded projects on three different topics: early fire detection, fire safety engineering and resilience for critical infrastructures.


Dan Lauridsen

Dan is product responsible end expert in Fire Resistance testing at DBI. Dan is M.Sc. Civil engineer from AAU – Aalborg University and has worked for DBI since 1996. He also has experience working for Rockwool International A/S as Senior Engineer for fire protection product development. He is Danish expert in the preparation of the revised FTP Code that has been developed by IMO; project manager in a variety of testing tasks for clients; pioneer within quantitative assessment of the fire performance of constructions and materials exposed to resistance to fire test conditions; developed computer models dealing with both moisture transport and internal combustion within materials.


Patrick van Hees

Patrick van Hees is a professor at the Department of Fire Safety Engineering, Lund University. He is an expert in fire modelling, fire dynamics, material behaviour and fire resistance with approx. 100 scientific publications in these areas. Patrick has long lasting experience in supervision, namely 3 finished PhDs and approximately 10 ongoing PhDs. He has also been a part of more than 10PhD examination committees. Patrick has previous experience as research manager in SP Fire Technology.


Berit Andersson

Berit Andersson is an Associate professor, and director of undergraduate studies, at the Department of Fire Safety Engineering, Lund University.

EU flag This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n° 316991