-K. Wilkens, S. Hostikka, P. van Hees ‘Pyrolysis modelling of composite fabrics based on individual fabric properties using micro-combustion calorimetry’

-B. Andres, P. van Hees ‘Mechanical properties of gypsum plasterboard exposed to standard fires’

-A. Bhargava, B. Andersson, P. van Hees, H.Sina, S.Iyengar ‘Distributed reactivity model to predict multi-stage pyrolysis of polymeric materials and sensitivity analysis’

-F. Vermina Lundstrom, P.van Hees ‘Experimental assessment of bench scale ignitability parameters’

-K. Livkiss, P.van Hees ‘Development of dynamic shrinkage/collapse measurement method for cellular polymer foams’

We are also organizing the student workshop previous to the conference, so come and join us!